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Creating Database Accounts: EBSCO

Creating a database (ebrary, EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR, etc...) account provides access to many great research tools!

How do I create an account?

When you are in one of the EBSCO databases (look for the databases with "(EBSCO)" next to the database name in the database list on the library homepage), click Sign In in the upper right hand corner. 

Click Create a new Account.

Fill out the form:

You now have an EBSCO account!


What can I do with an account?

Found some great articles but don't have enough time to read and analyze the content? Save the articles in a folder!

  1. You can email the folder to yourself
  2. OR if you have an EBSCO account you can save those articles and read them later. 

Click on the blue folder icon to add the article to a temporary folder. 

Click on "Folder View" to access the list of articles. 

Once in the folder, you can email yourself the list of articles

OR if you have an EBSCO account, just keep the articles in your folder! You can also move articles to special subfolders that you create.

In doing research, it is highly recommended you document your searches. You might have to re-do the search or even perform a new search in the same database with a different set of keywords. Instead of documenting the search on paper, you can save searches in your EBSCO account. 

In order to save searches, click on Search History located underneath the search box. 

Select the search you want to save and then click Save

Name your search and select how long you want the search to be saved (permanent or 24 hours). Then click Save. 

All saved searched will be saved in your folder.

New content is periodically added to the databases. You can create alerts to notify you when a new article is added to a saved search or when an issue of a certain journal is added to the database. 

1. Select Search History underneath the search box. 

2. Select the search that you want. (Follow the step-by-step guide in the Save searches tab above.) Then click Save searches/alerts.

3. Fill out the form - frequency (how often you want to be emailed), when you want the alerts to end, email address, etc... 

Then click Save! 

Video tutorial


EBSCO tips

  • When emailing yourself a folder of articles, each article will be sent in separate emails with a PDF attached. For instance, if you have 20 articles in a folder, you'll get 20 emails with an attachment. 

Handy Links

  • Call 714-966-6382
  • Stop by  a Librarian's Office
  • Submit an Ask-A-Librarian Question Form for an email reply HERE
  • Instant message             with LibChat (below)