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Library 101: Study Rooms

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Study Room Information

There are six study rooms available for group study. All reservations should be made using our online reservations system:


1. Click on the start time. For instance, if I want to book Study Room 1 for 1-2:30 PM, I would click on 1 PM in the row for Study Room 1. The room will automatically be reserved for two hours.

2. A drop down menu will appear. Select the end time for the reservation. Keeping with the above example, I would select 2:30 PM. Then click Submit Times.

3. Read the Terms & Conditions. Then click Continue. 

4. Input name, email address and all other requested information. Then click on Submit my Booking. 

5. A confirmation will appear. You will also receive a confirmation email. 

1. Room is limited to a maximum of 6 individuals. 

2. Room’s usage is limited to 2 hours.

3. No cell phone usage or SKYPE usage in rooms.

4. NO EATING. Drinks with lids are allowed.

5. Inside voices must be used!

Handy Links

  • Call 714-966-6382
  • Stop by  a Librarian's Office
  • Submit an Ask-A-Librarian Question Form for an email reply HERE
  • Instant message             with LibChat (below)