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Nursing 305: Advanced search techniques

Review on how to search nursing databases using subject headings. Other advanced search techniques are also covered.


Truncation is an advanced search technique that is useful for words with various endings. Add a symbol to the end of the root word to do a search for that root word along with the various endings of that word. 


When you do a search for teen*, the database will look for the following words: teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, teenaged. 

The truncation symbol is different in each database. Before using truncation, search the database help section for truncation to see what symbol to use. 


Wildcard uses a symbol to substitute one letter in a word to search for spelling variations. 


The search wom#n will look for woman or women. 

The search colo#r will look for color or colour. 

The wildcard symbol is different in each database. Before using wildcard, search the database help section for wildcard to see what symbol to use

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