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Cornerstone: Cornerstone Assignment

CORE 100C: Annotated Bibliography Instructions

  1. Please do the assignment after you have been to the Library for research instruction.

Turn in two (2) copies of your annotated bibliography to your Cornerstone Professor. 

  1. Choose a topic and develop a short list of appropriate keywords to research your chosen topic.

  1. During your Library instruction class, the Faculty Librarian showed you how to find: 
    1. a book in VANCAT
    2. a magazine article in a database,
    3. a scholarly journal article in a database,
    4. a website and introduced you to CARS Evaluation of Internet Sites, which will assist you in evaluating a website.

  1. Your Annotated Bibliography Assignment includes:
    1. using your keywords to find a book in VANCAT,
    2. using your keywords to find a magazine article in a database,
    3. using your keywords to find a scholarly journal article in a database,
    4. using your keywords to find a website in Google, and using CARS to evaluate that website.

  1. Format for the Annotated Bibliography:
    1. At the top of your annotated bibliography, list your keywords.
    2. Next, use the following words as headings:
      1. Book
      2. Magazine Article
      3. Scholarly Journal Article
      4. Website

Using the headings will help us confirm that you understand the difference among the four types of sources.

  1. When you write your annotations of the book, the magazine article, and the journal article, we ask you to

(1) describe the contents and (2) evaluate how useful the item would be for you. If the book or article is not useful, state why it is not useful.

  1. In the annotation of the website, we are looking for the website to be evaluated using the CARS Evaluation of Internet Sites (click on the CARS evaluation of internet sites tab in the Cornerstone LibGuide). Remember, CARS  =  Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, Support

  1. EXAMPLES:  MLA, APA, and Turabian Annotated Bibliographies are found by clicking on the Resources & examples tab in the Cornerstone LibGuide.

  1. Suggested topics:

hip-hop music

images of minorities in the media

sexual imagery in the media or advertising 

children’s use of television and other media

alcohol or cigarette advertising 

human trafficking 

benefits of team sports for children 


Kennedy assassination 

Effect of advertising on children

Disney films

violence in video games

internet pornography  

sports and steroid use 

family violence

women’s sports 

violence and sports 

binge drinking 

Afghanistan War

Iraq War           

images of women in the media

violence in movies

Twitter and its impact

wife abuse

child abuse       

college athletics/athletes 

sports and racism

three strikes law 

Facebook and its impact

women clergy


Library Tools

Install LibKey Nomad!

  • Go to 
  • Select your browser
  • Download and install
  • Select Vanguard University
  • Go! Check out Wikipedia, PubMed, Sage, and other websites and look for LibKey links.
  • Look for the "Access Options" button on the websites you visit.

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