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Theatre - History of Theatre I: Research & Writing Tips

Suggested resources for the History of Theatre course.

Welcome to Research

Database Research Tips:

1. When doing research for an assignment, first think about what your topic or thesis is.                                 

2. Next, what are the buzz words or keywords of your topic?

                        - Make a list.

                        - Start general with general terms.

                        - Then narrow down to more specific keywords.

                        - Don't type in whole sentences; stick to

                          relevant keywords.

3. Use the Boolean Operators with your keywords to include the results you want and filter out what you don't want. 

                         - AND, OR, NOT are the 3 Boolean Operators.

                         - Find more tips on using symbols and filters


4. When you find a good article, these clues can lead you to others:

                          - Check the Bibliography of the article for

                            more articles.

5. Begin with reading more general articles on your topic, then more specific ones about your thesis.

                           - You will find articles to support the

                             different aspects of your essay and thesis.

6. Lastly, there are always librarians ready to help you. Library hours are listed here.