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Book Renewals: Renewing basics

Information on renewing books from off campus.

Renewing options

A few days before your item is due you should receive a courtesy reminder email about the due date.* If you need the book longer, renew the item by calling the library (714-966-6381) or go online and renew the book. Certain items, like DVDs and course reserve books, cannot be renewed online. 

*If you have not been receiving courtesy reminders, please see a library employee about updating your account. 

Video tutorial

Check out the following video to learn how to create a VANCAT account. There are several benefits to creating an account, including online renewals and access to various VANCAT features that will aid your research. 

Online renewals and creating a password

Click on the following link to renew online OR to create a new password:

If you already created a library account online (this is different from the account you use to log in to library resources from off campus), then input your Vanguard University ID number and your password. Otherwise, click on the "Set/reset password" link.

You can call (714-966-6381) or submit an online "Ask a Librarian" form with any questions.

Renewing items

Once you have an account, renewing is easy! Return to the log-in page and then input your VU ID # and password. Once you are in your account, either select the book you want to renew or click "Select All" and then click "RENEW ITEMS". 

Handy Links

  • Call 714-966-6382
  • Stop by  a Librarian's Office
  • Submit an Ask-A-Librarian Question Form for an email reply HERE
  • Instant message             with LibChat (below)

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