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Printing in the Library: Printing Basics

Printer Locations

There are two printers in the library. One printer is located in the library computer lab, and the blue printer kiosk is located near the computer hex tables.

Color printing is not available in the library. Color printing is available at the IT printing kiosk (Building 14 on the Campus Map).

Paying for Printing

  • Cost of printing:
    • 8 cents per page (black and white)
    • 10 cents per page (color-only available at the IT printing kiosk)
  • You have $11 on your printing fund at the beginning of each semester.
  • You can purchase more printing funds ($2 or $5 at a time) from IT or the Library Front Desk.
  • Check your printing fund balance at (use your Vanguard credentials to login).


What if my document didn't print and money was deducted from my print fund account?

Refund requests can be made to IT by emailing Remember to include the following information: name, date you attempted to print the document, and printer kiosk location. The request should be submitted within 3 days of the failed printing attempt. 

I never got my $11 in print funds this semester! What do I do?

If you have not received your $11 in print funds, please email IT at, and include your ID number, and your full name.

Other Helps

Handy Links

  • Call 714-966-6382
  • Stop by  a Librarian's Office
  • Submit an Ask-A-Librarian Question Form for an email reply HERE
  • Instant message             with LibChat (below)