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A guide to using Logos Bible Software - Vanguard Student Essentials

Logos Web App

Once you have successfully joined the Vanguard Students Faithlife Group, you will be able to access Vanguard Student Essentials in the Logos Web App. The web app will give you access to many of the features available in the Vanguard Student Essentials package without installing anything on your own device. Simply log in with the account you created in the Vanguard Students Faithlife Group.

Logos Web App - Layouts

Use the following shortcuts to open the Logos Web App with pre-set layouts:

Free Books and Discounts

Academic Discount

Sign up for the Academic Discount Program to save on Logos libraries and resources. You need to submit proof of your status as a Vanguard student.

Free Book of the Month

Each month, Logos releases free books that you can download and use with the rest of your Logos library.

Other Freebies

Logos has made several other resources available for free. You can access them once you have set up your Faithlife account and enrolled in the Academic Discount Program.

Personal Books

Other Logos users have created their own Logos resources! You can check them out here. You need to install these resources using the Personal Books Tool.


This guide created by Jim Darlack. Email Jim with any questions you might have about Vanguard Student Essentials or Logos Bible Software (