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Nursing 305

Review on how to search nursing databases using subject headings. Other advanced search techniques are also covered.

Subject headings search

Searching with subject headings in the Nursing & Allied Health Database is easy. Click on the Thesaurus link above the search boxes. 

Select MeSH [year] Thesaurus.


Type in your keyword and click FIND

If there is no check box located to the left of therms, you must select the term that you're searching.

Select the MeSH term and then FIND.

You will be directed back to the Advanced Search page. The MeSH term should be in the first search box. Select filters then Search

Searching with multiple subject headings

In order to add another subject headings to the search, click on Modify search

Click on Thesaurus like before and type in your keyword - the database will remember your previous thesaurus selection - then click Find

Select the term you want to use. Then in the bottom right corner select AND and click Add another term

The database will automatically add your second subject heading to the second search box. Click Search